Following the HomeBuilt Help videos, I began with the rear fuselage panels. Everything was match hole drilled for the most part. There were a handful of instances where one part was still at a #40 hole and the mating part was either a #30 or #20 hole. I found some drill bits on aircraft Spruce that let you pilot from the #40 hole and then drill a #30 or #20 that is then perfectly centered on the original #40 hole. These bits would turn into a lifesaver as i continued on with the build. There were many instances where I would have the same situation where the holes sizes didn't match.

Shortly in to the build I realized the rest of the plane was going to follow the same process.

  • Rough assembly using the pre-drilled holes and clecos

  • Open all holes up to their correct size

  • Add in any required "L" angles and mark their centerline to drill thru

  • Open up holes in "L" angles to their final size

  • Take everything apart

  • Debur, Debur, Debur, and some more Deburring

  • Wipe everything down with acetone to clean parts

  • Add Cortex corrosion protection to both halves of all mating faces

  • Reassemble with clecos

  • Rivet

This is the top skin with most of the "L" brackets clecoed on.

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